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Kaufman Kourier Q1 Recap: A Snapshot of the 1st Quarter in 2024

As we move further into 2024, it's important to take a moment and reflect on the exciting events, news, and achievements of the first quarter. From networking opportunities to innovative product launches, it's been a whirlwind of activity here at Kaufman Container. Let's dive into the highlights!

Products & Services: 

Introduced Sleek CRs by MRP Solutions Sleek CR® Child Resistant Closure Sell Sheet (4)

We announced the launch of Sleek CRs, a new product line created by MRP Solutions. Strategically designed to maximize your branding opportunities with a blank canvas on top of the child-resistant cap, the customization possibilities are endless. Plus, rest assured that our CRCs meet all CPSC standards. You can also choose from a variety of colors and liners and let us offset print your logo for a truly unique look.

Sleek CRs can help businesses in the cosmeceuticals, beauty/personal care, nutraceuticals, cannabis, and pet/vet markets stand out from the competition with these customizable CRCs!

Request samples here:

Kaufman Container Webinar: In-House Servo Machine Decoration Techniques

In our ongoing commitment to education and innovation in the packaging industry, we uploaded our first pre-recorded decoration webinar. This webinar highlighted our servo automatic machines used for screen printing with the potential to add in-line labeling or hot stamping: Add a heading (14)

401 - 5 Pass Screen Print / 1 Pass Hot Stamp (Automatic)

201 - 3 Pass Screen Print / 1 Pass Label (semi-automatic)

421 - 3 Pass Screen Print / 1 Pass Label (Automatic)

Hosted by Kevin Lahiff, our Sales Manager, you'll watch the process of decorating a bottle from start to finish. This webinar will help you understand the unique shapes we can decorate and examples of packages we've decorated on each platform. This valuable resource provides the first of many insights we will offer into our in-house decorating facility in Cleveland, Ohio with the latest techniques and technologies in packaging decoration.

View here:

Highlighted Our JIT Program (Just-in-Time)

Our Just-In-Time (JIT) programs continue to be a game-changer for our customers. These programs are designed to deliver products precisely when needed and are one of the many warehousing solutions we offer.

Unfortunately, most businesses experience one or many of these pain points:

  • Lack of warehouse space
  • Lack of warehouse space or downtime on the fill line because you don't have packaging
  • Extended lead times from manufacturers or decorators
  • Unexpected increase in business and couldn't fulfill orders

If you said yes to any of these problems, Kaufman Container's Just In Time program may be the solution you need. A JIT (Just in Time) program is simply a warehousing program that delivers your product when you need it. We will hold your bare or decorated packaging in one of our warehouses and when you are ready for more, simply let us know and we will ship it out within 48 hours.

Learn more here:

Food Packaging Market Spotlight

We all eat and need food. Besides just taste, food packaging and design can be a factor in a consumer's purchasing decisions. In our exploration of the food packaging market, we delved into how packaging design influences consumer purchasing decisions. Beyond merely containing the product, packaging serves as a powerful marketing tool, conveying brand identity, quality, and value. Eye-catching designs, convenient packaging formats, and eco-friendly materials can all sway consumers towards one product over another. Additionally, packaging that emphasizes freshness, sustainability, or health benefits can resonate with consumers seeking specific attributes in their food choices. Ultimately, well-executed food packaging not only protects the product but also engages consumers and drives sales through its visual appeal and messaging.

From honey bear bottles to hot fill containers to specific dispensing closures, Kaufman Container offers a diverse range of packaging solutions to meet every need. 

Team Building:

Attended the 2024 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida

One of the standout events of the first quarter was our attendance at the Global Pet Expo held in sunny Orlando, Florida on March 20 – 22. Produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), the Global Pet Expo is the premier international gathering for the pet industry. Some of our sales reps had the opportunity to meet with pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, thought leaders, trailblazers, and creative minds advancing the $123.6 billion pet care industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry leaders, see the latest products and their packaging, and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving pet care market.

Viscose Closures Visit

We welcomed our partner from the UK to update our team on the many options and exciting innovations coming in the future. Celon Bands are a secondary seal that goes over the primary closure, such as a metal or plastic cap. These shrink bands are made from cellulose and are contained in a preservative solution until application. Once applied, they give your package a tamper-resistant seal to help make your product secure. This meeting led by Emma and Seren provided valuable knowledge and expertise that will benefit our customers and only strengthen our already decades-long relationship. 

To learn more about these Eco-Friendly Shrink Bands, visit here:

Charcuterie Team Building with Cutie Board Chick Untitled design - 2024-03-07T152336.461

As St. Patrick's Day approached, we were fortunate enough to participate in a "Build A Charcuterie Board" workshop presented by Cutie Board Chick! We were each provided with all the materials necessary to create our own beautiful nutritional boards to enjoy after our class, and some even during it! Cutie Board Chick brought a unique twist to team-building with a delightful charcuterie event. Not only did it bring our team together from different departments in a fun and creative way, but it also served as a reminder of the importance of collaboration and creativity in the workplace. Check our socials to see how our boards turned out!

Coffee with Kaufman Episodes: Featuring Terri Melick and Ryan Teague

We were excited to reveal the episodes of "Coffee with Kaufman" featuring Terri Melick, VP of Vendor Relations, and Ryan Teague, VP of Operations. These conversations provide a glimpse into the people behind the scenes and their roles in driving Kaufman Container's success.

Terri has been with Kaufman for almost 40 years with her primary responsibility being to maintain and foster the relationships with our suppliers, who are vital to our success as a packaging distributor. The packaging industry is always changing with new trends and technology providing Terri the opportunity to bring in unique and innovative items and knowledge. 

On the flip side, Ryan has only been with Kaufman for 16 months, yet has already taken on huge responsibilities. He has become an integrated part of almost every department - officially overseeing the art department, production, the warehouse, and more.

Celebrating our “Partnership in Excellence” award with Barnes Wendling

Last but certainly not least, we had the honor of presenting the Partnership in Excellence Award to Barnes Wendling, an accounting, tax, and advisory firm that has been a key partner to Kaufman Container for decades. Their dedication to our success has been invaluable, and we're grateful for their ongoing support. They take a service-oriented approach to continually identify the strengths and weaknesses of our business to improve our performance, value, and profitability. Mike, Janine, Ryan, Mandi, and the entire crew are key partners, always working closely with us to help us see our potential as well as challenge us to be a better company. They have shown that they want Kaufman to succeed, offer suggestions, and be a sounding board for ideas. We are proud to recognize your outstanding level of support and partnership.

Quarter 1 Send-Off

As we bid farewell to the first quarter and welcome Spring, we're filled with gratitude for the opportunities, partnerships, education, and achievements that have defined these past three months. Here's to continued success and growth in the quarters to come!