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Silk Screen Printing


Episode 14: Silk Screen Printing

This episode of Coffee with Kaufman highlights Silk Screen Printing as one of our in-house decorating services.

Silk Screen Printing is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen and artwork is printed directly onto a bottle or container by a squeegee. Once the ink is applied, it is cured under UV or LED lights to ensure it will not smear or rub off.

What are some benefits of Silk Screen Printing?

  • Upscale design
  • Cost-efficient
  • Durability
  • Precision

Why Should Potential Clients Choose You Over Your Competitors for Silk Screen Printing?

In addition to being able to supply all of the packaging components, Kaufman Container also has low minimum order requirements and short lead times for silk screen printing. Our state of the art servo-driven decorating machines are capable of screen printing 5 different colors which allow customers to have a lot of creativity in their logo and designs. In addition, we have the ability to add a spot label or hot stamping in-line.

Once the decoration is finished, we also offer Just-In-Time programs to our customers. Instead of waiting on the current lead times, Kaufman Container can store your decorated items so that they will be ready to ship from our warehouse.

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