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Shrink Sleeve Labeling


Shrink Sleeve Labeling

This episode of Coffee with Kaufman highlights Shrink Sleeve Labeling as one of our in-house decorating services.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling is a process where a full “sleeve” label is applied to a container. The label is then shrunk onto the container while going through a heat or steam tunnel.


What are some benefits of Shrink Labeling?

  • Provides a 360 degree billboard for you to design your graphics
  • Helps to enhance decoration on uniquely shaped bottles
  • Eco-friendly shrink sleeve label options available

Why Should Potential Clients Choose You Over Your Competitors for Labeling?

In addition to being able to supply all of the packaging components, Kaufman Container also has low minimum order requirements and short lead times. We also offer Just-In-Time programs that help customers react to product demands with multiple SKUs in an organized fashion. Instead of waiting on the current lead times, Kaufman Container can store your decorated items so that they will be ready to ship from our warehouse.