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Secure & Stylish: Sleek Child Resistant Caps have Arrived!

Discover the innovative Sleek CR® child resistant caps that provide both security and style for your products. With customizable options and eco-friendly materials, these caps are the perfect solution for brands looking to stand out while prioritizing safety.


Introducing Sleek CR® Child Resistant Caps

Introducing the new Sleek CR® family of child resistant caps by MRP Solutions! These polypropylene caps offer maximum brandability along with reliable security. What sets the Sleek CR® caps apart is their blank canvas design. With these caps, you get the look of a custom closure without the cost. This means you can add your own branding and make a statement with your packaging. 

With Sleek CR® child resistant caps, you can have both security and style. Discover the possibilities for your brand and create packaging that stands out while keeping your products safe.

Innovative Child Resistant Caps

Security and Compliance: Meeting CPSC Standards

We understand the importance of security and compliance when it comes to child resistant closures. All of our caps undergo rigorous protocol testing to ensure they meet the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). We take the safety of your products seriously and strive to provide you with reliable and effective child resistant caps.

Our caps are designed to securely lock your product, preventing access by children while still being easy for adults to open. We have implemented innovative mechanisms that pass the required testing, giving you confidence in the security of your packaging.

By choosing Sleek CR® child resistant caps, you can rest assured that your products are in compliance with CPSC standards. We prioritize safety and ensure that our caps provide the level of security required for child resistant packaging.

Customization Options for Branding Sleek Child Resistant Caps

With Sleek CR® child resistant caps, you have the opportunity to customize your packaging and enhance your brand presence. The blank canvas design offer maximum brandability, allowing you to make a statement with your packaging.

You can choose from glossy or satin finishes to suit your brand aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or a more subtle and elegant finish, we have options to match your style.  Our caps are available in three sizes: 53 mm, 63 mm, and 70 mm and in numerous colors including White, Black, and custom colors!

Printing Capabilities for Personalization

Make your packaging truly unique with our printing capabilities for Sleek CR® child resistant caps. We offer offset printing services to help you personalize your caps and create a packaging experience that aligns with your brand.

With offset printing, you can easily add your logos, brand colors, and other messages directly on the caps. This creates a cohesive and professional look for your packaging, helping your products stand out on the shelves. While your competitors are displaying the standard child safety pictorial or text, you can have your logo printed for true differentiation.

Whether you want to display your brand logo prominently or include important product information, our printing capabilities allow for detailed and high-quality prints.

Take advantage of our printing services and make a lasting impression with your packaging. Sleek CR® child resistant caps offer the perfect canvas for your branding.

Eco-Friendly Choices with PCR Materials

At Kaufman Container, we believe in offering sustainable options for your packaging needs. That's why our child resistant caps are available in PCR (post-consumer-resin) materials.

PCR materials are made from recycled plastics, reducing the demand for new plastic production. By choosing PCR caps, you can contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce your environmental impact.

Our Sleek CR® caps are available with PCR content of up to 100%. This means you can choose caps that are made entirely from recycled plastics, if that aligns with your brand values.

Making eco-friendly choices doesn't mean compromising on security or style. Our PCR caps provide the same level of child resistance and customizable options as our regular caps. You can have packaging that is both environmentally conscious and visually appealing.

Join us in making a difference with sustainable packaging solutions. Choose Sleek CR® child resistant caps made from PCR materials.

Markets & Applications

The demand for Sleek CR® child resistant caps is on the rise, leading to expansion into new markets. Originally launched in the nutraceutical industry, these innovative caps are now making their way into Pet/Vet, household care, personal care, and automotive products. One of the biggest markets for Sleek CR® caps is in the cosmeceutical industry. If you're wondering what cosmeceuticals are, they are cosmetic products with medicinal benefits. Think medicated shampoos, cleansers, and Hair & Nail gummies. With the personal care industry's focus on custom colors and branding, it only makes sense that cosmeceuticals would follow suit.

A New Branding Opportunity Awaits

Looking to elevate your brand with custom printed child resistant caps? Look no further than Sleek CR® caps manufactured by MRP Solutions and distributed by Kaufman Container! Whether you prefer sleek or satin, these caps offer a myriad of benefits for your brand. Contact us today for pricing and samples to see how these caps can make a difference for your products.