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Seasonal Packaging for Businesses

Leveraging the power of seasonal packaging is an often overlooked tactic by small businesses during the holiday season. However, rolling out a temporary design is actually an effective sales strategy to help products stand out in a sea of packages on the shelves during holiday shopping frenzies. After all, packaging is the final piece of marketing content a customer will see before an in-store purchase. With that in mind, here are three key considerations for choosing seasonal packaging for businesses.



Think Beyond Christmas Packaging

Of course, the biggest seasonal packaging opportunity to consider is the end-of-year holiday season. Purchase decisions tend to be made over a longer period of time for Christmas presents compared to other seasonal events, so design can have a major impact for your brand. However, there are several other special seasons that business owners can take advantage of to roll out a new, head-turning packaging design. Fall is a great time for harvest and festival themes, with deep oranges and earth tones. Likewise, the heat of summer offers a particular opportunity for bright pops of color and bold patterns. Limited on design resources? A simple change of color can instantly refresh a brand’s aesthetic.

Understand Consumer Demand

The major potential downside to using seasonal packaging is that it can have a limited shelf-life. Consumers will not respond well to Halloween stickers in December or a summer beach theme in October. Knowing how long (or how short) a seasonal product timeline should run ensures that inventory isn’t wasted—or that there isn’t enough inventory on the shelves! Reviewing sales data and looking for trends can help business owners understand and track consumer buying behaviors.

There's No Such Thing as Too Small

The obvious challenge to diversified packaging for small businesses is cost. For many start-up companies, the minimum order quantities (MOQs), for production runs at wholesale suppliers are simply too large to justify seasonally specific packaging.

Kaufman Container is one of the few packaging suppliers who decorate containers at their in-house design facility. In fact, we can decorate and store your inventory in a just-in-time program and ship it to you when you need it. This enables us to excel at supporting businesses with smaller orders and businesses who take advantage of promotional and seasonal opportunities. We would love the opportunity to become your packaging supplier and help grow your business and reach more customers during peak buying seasons. Create your project online today and call us for a free consultation.

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