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Market Spotlight: Wine Industry


Episode 28: Market Spotlight: Wine

This episode of Coffee with Kaufman showcases the Wine industry and some of the packaging components we supply.


Did you know that Kaufman Container is one of the leading glass wine bottle suppliers in the United States?

Why is Wine packaged in glass bottles?

Thousands of years ago, glass was quickly found to be a good medium for wine because: it doesn't affect the flavor of the wine, hardly any oxygen can enter a glass bottle through a cork and the transparency makes it easy to see what the wine looks like.

The shape of wine bottles have also changed over the years. Wine bottles started out more short and fat, but over the years started to transition to the type of wine bottles you see today.

What sizes of Glass Wine Bottles do you offer?

The most popular size we supply are 750 ml wine bottles. However, we also supply 375 ml wine bottles, 500 ml wine bottles and other sizes are available upon request.

What styles of Wine Bottles do you offer?

Kaufman Container can provide glass wine bottles in a variety of colors including Clear (Flint), Amber, Champagne Green, Cobalt Blue and many more! We also supply corks, capsules and other specialty wine closures.

If you are interested in learning more about wine bottles, one of our Account Managers at Kaufman Container would love to help.