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Ecommerce Packaging Solutions - Locking Disc Top Cap

Kaufman Container is excited to introduce the FIRST disc top cap with a built-in locking mechanism!Episode_9._E-Commerce_Disc_Top_Cap

Our new locking disc top cap is the perfect solution for companies looking for an upgrade in ecommerce packaging. The twist to lock ring secures the actuator in place and prevents accidental opening during transport. Designed by Aptar, this 24-410 disc top cap eliminates the need for shrink bands, plastic bags and other add-ons typically used for e-commerce. You will also avoid all of the Amazon chargebacks for frequently damaged items.

Our ecommerce disc top cap has a three piece design that allows you to customize the colors and make the locking ring pop. Switching to this cap will not only save you money, but also improve the end-users experience. Designed to meet the "on the go" demand, this innovative cap will differentiate your brand. Contact us for more information or to request samples!

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  • ​Hair Care
  • Body Care
  • Sun CareE-Commerce_Disc_Top_Cap
  • Baby Care
  • Automotive
  • Dish Soap
  • Surface Cleaner
  • Laundry Care
  • Pet Care
  • Sexual Well-Being