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Buying Behaviors & Customer Concerns with Sustainable Packaging

In an effort to both reinforce our values and highlight our capabilities, our team here at Kaufman Container will be using a few of our scheduled blogs to speak to you a little…differently. What do we mean? Well, as we hope to show you today, whether it be a custom, professional packaging solution or a custom, professional blog…sometimes, a more creative-than-usual solution is required. This is especially true when speaking about something as important (or flat-out necessary) as the environment, our impact on it, or eco-sustainability in general.

From recyclable/renewable sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution to disposal, we at Kaufman Container want to, as always, speak honestly and transparently…however, when it comes to these topics and others, we’re going to do it with a twist—a spotlight focus on how these subjects affect you, our customers.

Interested to find out more about sustainability? Grab the green button below and let’s talk about how we help, and how you can too.

What Exactly Is “Sustainable Packaging?” Why Should My Team Care About It? 

Sustainable packaging comes in many different forms. While what someone means by “sustainable packaging” might technically mean something specific to them, the overall societal shift is clear: most consumers expect to buy products that don’t hurt our environment or, better, actively help improve and sustain it. Popular examples and methods of increasing sustainability with packaging include:

  • Using plant-based packaging made from green production materials like sugar cane.
    • The ethylene is comprised of sugarcane rather than traditional fossil fuel based oil. This helps reduce reliance on more common, but less biodegradable packaging materials like plastic.
  • Creating waste-based packaging made from recycled paper or ocean-bound plastic.
    • This helps clean up congested areas of waste and reduce new production of materials in an ethical and repeatable way.
  • Developing compostable and biodegradable plastic alternatives.
    • This creates fewer long-term landfills and reduces the potential for harm to the environment and its inhabitants.
  • Packing boxes and orders with the minimum amount of material needed to ship.
  • Exclusively working with ethical suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Disposing of all end waste properly and recycling whenever possible.

By using these strategies (and working with companies who do as well), consumers and companies can start or continue to make real steps toward helping make a more positive impact on our communities and the environment. 

Need some more motivation on top of doing good for the Earth? Want to make your own additional difference, your own way? Outside of the traditional calls to either help “sustain the environment” or the more serious requests to assist “save the planet,” using recyclable/sustainable materials has numerous tax benefits for any business owner, team, or organization. You can repurpose and reuse these funds to invest in more energy-efficient equipment or specialized training that saves your company money, while locally and personally improving overall sustainability in multiple ways.


What Does Kaufman Container Do to Increase Sustainability?

All of the above! In an effort to remain ethical, relevant, and flexible, we need to employ every resource available to provide our customers with the most advanced sustainability packaging.

On top of using energy-efficient lighting and the other basics, we remain vigilant and aware of the newest and best methods of sourcing and producing high-quality packaging for nearly every industry imaginable. We additionally employ the best in the packaging industry to help source, design, manufacture and distribute sustainable packaging solutions that our customers trust and love to help bring their products to life.

“How Many Sustainable Options Do I Have As A Customer?”  —  Coming in April…

Interested in using more sustainable packaging materials? Wanting to make the big switch to using recyclable products that help improve the environment and your community? We can help make that happen in the smoothest and most efficient way possible.

Coming to this blog next month, we’ll be exploring the near-limitless options you have for sustainability as a customer of Kaufman Container.

Here’s a small teaser:

“Did you know that 67% of buyers find it important that their purchases are in recyclable packaging? A study shows that 54% of consumers ages 44 and under consider sustainable packaging when purchasing a product, leading the charge in this trend. Within that age group, 83% have said they’re willing to pay more for products sustainably packaged. This statistic is a testament to millennials’ and Gen Zs’ commitment to green marketing and the increased prioritization of long-term impact on the environment and their community over their personal preferences or even short-term profit…”

Where Can I Learn More about Kaufman Container & Sustainability?

Today’s packaging is global that is constantly becoming more complex, and sustainability is just one more factor that you (and we) have to consider. Our experienced packaging staff will guide you through your project, from start to end. Whether you are building a custom package with green materials or utilizing stock available components, we will ensure that your package is fully functional and provides the exact look that you want.