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Sugarcane Bottles & Tubes!

Sustainability Matters!

Kaufman Container is excited to offer 'Green' plastic bottles and tubes created Kaufman_Container_Sugarcanefrom Sugarcane!

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The 'Green' polyethylene is created by farming sugarcane on sustainable land in Brazil, thousands of miles from the Amazon rainforest. The plastic is then used instead of the fossil fuel sourced material to create flexible tubes and bottles while maintaining the performance characteristics of traditional polyethylene.

Looking Ahead

The Bio-Plastic is also 100% recyclable, meaning the bottles can be recycled and mixed into Post Consumer Regrind, just like any other polymer.

Making ‘Green’ Plastic

  • Once grown, the sugarcane is transformed into “ethanol”, a type of alcohol, which is in turn used by our partner Braskem to create ‘Green’ Plastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • FDA Compliant
  • Same characteristics as traditional HDPE and can be blown into over 5,000   existing standards or used to create new custom molds

Low Carbon Footprint

When growing, sugarcane is so efficient at capturing CO2 that for every kilogram of ‘Green’ Plastic produced 3.09 kilograms of CO2 is removed from the air!


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