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New EZ'R Squeeze Foamer

Kaufman Container is excited to share the latest innovative foamer on the market. Unlike the typical foaming package that requires a pump, this patented technology contains a snap-on flip top closure. With the EZ’R Foamer, you will get perfect, creamy foam with just one controlled squeeze. The impressive bottle-closure combination allows for ease of use, more directional dispensing and frees the user’s hands during application. In addition, the reduced packaging size optimizes your shelf space and provides your brand with a fresh new look. Squeeze_Foamers

 The EZ’R Foamer is an ideal package for numerous markets and applications such as:

  • Hair Care
  • Sun Care
  • Facial Care
  • Bath & Body Care
  • Baby Care
  • Pet Care
  • And More!

Kaufman Container offers the 100 ml & 200 ml sizes in white, but custom colors and decoration are available upon request. Make the EZ decision and choose to package your foaming product in our EZ’R foamer.

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