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How do Airless Pumps and Bottles work?


Episode 13: How do Airless Pumps and Bottles work?

This episode of Coffee with Kaufman showcases our selection of high quality airless pumps and explains what makes airless pumps unique.

What are Airless Pumps?

Airless pumps use a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system. As the consumer actuates the pump, the disc at the bottom of the container starts to rise, forcing the product out until almost completely empty. Airless Pumps are extremely popular in the beauty and personal care industry for products such as high-end creams, lotions and other skin care products.

What styles of Airless Dispensing Systems do you offer?

  • Airless Bottles
  • Airless Jars
  • Airless Tubes
  • Child Resistant

Are your Airless Pumps and Bottles stock or custom?

Kaufman Container can provide both stock and custom options for airless dispensing. We do stock 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml polypropylene airless pumps and bottles in White and Natural. If you are looking for more of an upscale look, we also provide a variety of high-end options in multiple color combinations, shapes and sizes.

What are the Advantages of an Airless Pump?

  • Reduced or no need for chemical preservatives
  • Prevents elements from outside reach and makes sure formula is not contaminated
  • Bottle does NOT need to be upright to dispense the product
  • Helps extend product's shelf life
  • Increases the output of a product. Almost 100% product evacuation

If you are interested in learning more about airless dispensing systems, one of our Account Managers at Kaufman Container would love to help.

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