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The True Value of a Packaging Distributor

Let’s take a minute and peel back the layers and truly understand the role of a distributor. During this blog, we will discuss various topics that show the value of a supplier like Kaufman Container.

Endless Packaging Solutions True_Value_of_a_Packaging_Distributor

This is where distributors shine… think about it. A manufacturer typically specializes in one packaging segment. One manufacturer produces glass containers, another produces PET plastic, and another produces dispensing closures etc. When launching a new product line, you may be working with 3 manufacturers in order to source the necessary components. Throw in any type of decoration and you will have A LOT on your plate. Working with Kaufman Container simplifies that process and allows you to have one single point of contact. You will develop a relationship with someone who will learn your business and understand what is important to you and your brand. Let us handle the manufacturers and provide you with one complete solution.

Custom Packaging

Did you know that manufacturers have different minimum order requirements for custom packaging? Some may be as low as 10,000 pieces, others could be 200,000 pieces, while others are at full capacity and will not even entertain custom projects.

Kaufman Container is here to understand your vision and goals, and provide a stock package or a custom solution. We have both domestic and international suppliers capable of custom projects. On a recent project, we literally built a custom glass mold based off a photograph. We will guide you through the design process, and can provide prototypes and samples before scheduling a production run.

In addition to building custom molds specifically for you, we have a library of 70 existing custom molds. While there are still minimum order requirements attached to these items, there is no mold cost, so it is a much more affordable option while still differentiating your product.

Extension of Your Purchasing Team

At Kaufman Container, we know dealing with cost, lead times and logistics can be frustrating. We understand purchasing packaging can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. You simply shouldn’t have to master sourcing in your business when a trusted partner is standing by.

Placing your sourcing problems behind you so you can focus on growing your business may seem obvious, but in order to do that, you need expert guidance to help you navigate. A strategic partner like Kaufman Container can provide education around the unique solutions available to differentiate your brand and take it to the next level.

When you work directly with a manufacturer, you have limited options when a problem arises. What happens when you run into quality issues, lead times or even price increases? You are forced into scramble mode and are trying to find a new supplier on the fly. How long does that process take? Can you trust them? This is another reason to work with Kaufman Container. We have over 500 approved suppliers that we work with daily. If we run into any supply chain issues, we can quickly provide you with a new solution.

Competitive Pricing & Buying Power

We understand you have a lot of places where you can purchase packaging. Besides other distributors, you may think you should purchase directly from a manufacturer to save money.. but this isn’t always the case. First, depending on your quantities, a manufacturer may not be open to directly doing business with you. This is the primary reason they have preferred distributors, such as Kaufman Container. While manufacturers are looking for very large volumes for direct business, Kaufman specializes in working with and growing small and medium sized companies.

The phrase “buying power” is also a term you should understand. Since we already purchase large quantities from our manufacturing partners, we receive a discounted price. We can then pass the price savings along to our customers for a win-win solution.

Inventory Management

When working with a manufacturer, you are responsible for taking all of the ware in one shipment. This prohibits you from purchasing in bulk quantities and raises your price. This is just another area where Kaufman Container adds value by creating warehousing programs for our customers. We will hold bare or decorated items in our warehouse and ship them to you when you need them. These programs prevent you from running into lead-time issues and allow you to purchase in larger quantities to save time and money. In addition, we also provide customer portals so you can have real time access to inventory levels, view orders on hand, in transit and part history.

Arranging freight is another service we provide for our customers. While you are always welcome to handle this yourself, we have strong relationships with our carriers and can provide a very competitive rate. This is especially beneficial when coordinating orders from overseas.


When working in the packaging industry, you will find that quality issues are inevitable.  Every supplier will have quality issues arise, but the way it’s handled can be vastly different. Kaufman Container doesn’t point fingers, we provide solutions. Our Quality department will be there every step of the way to guarantee your product meets your expectations.

We have a supplier audit program to ensure that our manufacturing partners maintain robust quality that lead to our customers receiving consistently good products. New suppliers are also thoroughly qualified by Kaufman's audit team prior to us doing business with them.

Decorating Kaufman_Container_Decorating_Machines

Did you know that most manufacturers and distributors outsource their decorating? This not only adds cost, but can create scheduling conflicts and complicate the sales process.  This is where Kaufman Container separates itself from the competition. We operate an in-house decorating facility capable of silkscreen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure sensitive labeling. This allows us to manage the entire project from start to finish, ensuring that you receive a quality product on-time. Learn more.

Why should you work with Kaufman Container?

We are an award-winning, family-owned and women-led company who has over 100 years of experience. We provide both stock and custom packaging solutions and offer value-added services including warehousing programs and state-of-the-art decorating. We are here to be your one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs. We can supply your packaging, create a warehousing program, provide decoration, handle the freight and ship to you on time. Please consider Kaufman Container on your next project, we promise you “One More Thing”.

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