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Reasons to Choose PET Plastic


Episode 7: PET Plastic

This episode of Coffee with Kaufman covers PET Plastic and why it's such an important material in the packaging industry.

Polyethylene Terephthalate also known as PET or PETE is a plastic material that can be used for almost any industry. PET plastic is a durable, lightweight and cost-effective resin that is non toxic and fully recyclable. PETE is known for it's crystal clear appearance, but is also commonly supplied in colors such as White, Black, Amber, Green and Cobalt Blue.

While PET plastic can be used for numerous industries, some of the most popular include Food, Beverage, Personal Care and Household Products. They can also be used for products such as: peanut butter, spices, condiments, juices, soaps, lotions and much more!

As we mentioned, PET plastic is fully recyclable. In fact, PET is the most recycled plastic in the world and over 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles are recycled in the United States each year.

PET or PETE can easily be identified by looking at the bottom of the container and seeing the #1. As far as the options of wholesale PET bottles we can provide, feel free to browse our website. We have everything from PET spice bottles, to PET spray bottles and everything in between.

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