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Powder Dispensing Bottle

Kaufman Container’s powder dispensing bottle has changed the packaging industry in a big way. Our customers love this innovative spray bottle and how simple and easy it is to use. This dry powder spray bottle can be used throughout numerous industries and applications including dry shampoos, foot powders, body powders, flea & tick remedies for pets and many other dry powder products.

Powder Spray Bottle

The powder spray bottle itself, is one of our Kaufman Container’s custom bottles. The MDPE (medium density polyethylene) plastic material makes the powder container very squeezable and user-friendly. The 4 oz powder spray bottle is a stock item for us (#1088696) but other sizes are available upon request.

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Powder Sprayer

Unlike other powder sprayers on the market, Kaufman Container’s powder sprayer is unique. Instead of utilizing a pump to dispense the powder, our powder sprayer is squeezable. Simply twist open the 31 mm custom dispensing cap (#1062612) and squeeze the body of the powder bottle to dispense the product. We currently stock both the powder spray bottle and the powder sprayer in White, but have the ability to do custom colors upon request. In addition, we have completed custom runs in PCR (post-consumer-resin) if you are interested in an eco-friendly packaging option.

Decorating our Powder Spray Bottle

When it comes to decoration, Kaufman Container is proud to operate a state-of-the-art decorating facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Depending on your preference, we have the ability to screen print our powder dispensing bottle or apply a pressure-sensitive label. With only a $500 minimum order requirement, this powder dispensing bottle could be a great opportunity for you to launch a new product. 


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